Bario Neal is happy to announce that we have acquired Niccolo Bella as of April 2017. Jorge Arrieta and Niccolo Bella share our values of social and environmental responsibility, transparency, and traceability. Bario Neal is excited to carry forward the strong work that Niccolo Bella began.

Bario Neal will continue Niccolo Bella’s mission "to offer the finest in traceable and ethical diamonds and gemstones while striving to ensure that all involved in the process has fair wages, good working conditions and that there are benefits to communities."

There will be some changes, and we apologize to any clients who’ve noticed the bumps in the road. Bario Neal will be shifting the focus of Niccolo Bella to retail sales only, through our existing company. Our capacity to serve wholesale clients is limited, and we will build on our strengths as a design and retail brand. We hope this change won’t cause too much disruption and we are happy to speak with you further about the new developments.

We look forward to building a more sustainable jewelry industry with all of you!

Bario Neal